About Us

When a photo enthusiast meets a travel enthusiast… which happens to be Carlo and Odessa. We are boyfriend and girlfriend, now share the same interests in life as the world gave us the chance to cross each others path.

We are one of those lovely couples who love to explore places, beaches, resorts and of course it will not happen leaving the place without taking photos with it. All places that we’ve traveled and places that we are still “about” to explore will be documented and pictures will be posted in this site.

And oh by the way, we are not just inclined toward travelling but we also love food! We’ll also include posting entries about restaurants we’ve visited and food we’ve tried.

If you have feedbacks or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


photo credits to http://teambang.outdoorshots.org


  1. ding, amapao…nice kaayo dah..nindot ni ampao og oding,bookmark na nq inyon website…..nyc kaay na.save patong photos saona ding….nindot nih!….spokooo

  2. ahahha!!! ana lng gd, keep it up odingski and sup ampao! 🙂 gpanabi raba tamo sa akong workplace..akong gpa.access inyong blog so keep us posted oding..

    1. hahaha! basin kung naa kai kaila diha mu ari ug cebu, kami kuhaun ug tour guide. lol, sikat nami diha sa inyoha. 🙂

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