River Rafting, Cagayan de Oro


Talking about suppperrrr late upload..haha.. Sorry guys, it’s been so long since we last posted on this site. This was one of our trip in CDO, we had our 1st river rafting experience, it was kind of exciting and at the same time somewhat scary. We even forgot the details how we manage to book for the rafting. But anyways we will just post some photos on what happened during that day. 😀

Getting ready for the rafting.

This was the jeepney used in picking up the guest scheduled during that day.

We had our short course and rafting instructions.

As we remember this was the 1st swimming spot, it’s kind of funny because when the guide told us that this was the 1st swimming spot NO one dared to swim because the water was dark and green, thinking it was scary. But Yes! Ampao was the 1st one who jumped in the water.


During our rapids..


The activity ended and was raining also. It was kind of cold but we had a great time experience.

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