Coco Palms Resort

Coco Palms Resort

Danao Coco Palms resort is a perfect getaway to escape from the very busy city and where you can peacefully relax all day long. This is located in Sabang, Danao which is just a 2-hour ride from Cebu City. The place is wide and spacious perfect for wedding reception, birthday, family outing, teambuilding and other gatherings. Their swimming pool is not that large as what you can see in the picture but yet it is elegant. They also have a waterpark, about three floating inflatables in the sea, jetski and kayaking. We have one thing to add, the food they serve to us was great (especially their fried chicken wings) hahaha!


Just go to Cebu North Bus Terminal of course if you are from Cebu City, then take a bus or v-hire to Danao. You can easily spot the resort because of the huge chair and a coco tree outside the resort. It will be along right side before the Main town.

One room overnight for 2 person, with complementary breakfast. You can also have 30 mins free kayak and also you will have free access on the pool. 100 php for the entrance of the water park, room rate is 1980 php good for 2 persons.

More pictures:


Quick Guide

Entrance Rates

Adults- 150 php
Children(3-11 yrs) – 75 php
Infants( 3 yrs below)- FREE

Water Park Rates

Entrance- 100 php

Water Park
Opens -8:00 Am
Closes- 5:00 Pm

Swimming Pool

Opens- 8:00 Am
Closes- 10:00 Pm


Cottage Rates
Cottage Type 1 (15 pax)- 500 php
Jet Ski Rates
30 minutes- 2000php

You may also visit their site:

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