Inambakan Falls

Inambakan Falls

Inambakan Falls is the first level falls situated at Calabawan, Ginatilan, Cebu. 3 kms away from the town proper. It is so refreshing so cool, clean flowing water…It’s awesome!

Two ways to reach inambakan from the main town:

*go for habal-habal (motorbike) if you don’t have wheels – Php 25.00 per head. Habal2x riding from Julie’s Bakeshop, 3.9 kms away. The road to the falls is no longer dangerous as it is now asphalted. Be safe and enjoy riding!

*river trekking. First, ride a pedicab from the town proper until Paradahan boundary limit. Start trekking at Malatbo, a sitio next to Paradahan. Pass river 7 times. Trek til reaching the falls about half an hour. Enjoy the lovely sight and preserve nature!



From Cebu City, you need to go to Cebu South Bus Terminal to ride a bus and take note to ride via Bato, a 4-hour drive from Cebu to Ginatilan. Once you will be in Ginatilan proper, you need to ride habal-habal (motorcycle) to reach inambakan falls or refer to the details above. Once reaching the drop point (from a habal-habal ride), there will be a 5-15 minutes walk to the site.

More pictures:

Featuring the “weirdos”..




145 – bus fare (Cebu City to Ginatilan.)

30 – 50 – Habal-habal fare

Currently there are no cottages yet.



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