Club Ultima

This was a gift from one of our close friends who are getting married, we took there pictures for prenups and in exchange they treated us in Club Ultima. This was a fun experience walking on the top of the building and conquering our fear of heights. As what we remember the fee was 800 per head, we do not know exactly the price right now since this was an old trip. Probably the fee already changed, by the way apologies for the photos. We took the pictures from the PC screen since the pictures are too expensive, it was like 500 per 5 pictures and that’s what you call over pricing. 🙂

Here are more pictures:

The Edge Coaster

We can still remember the faces during the ride, specially Odessa’s face and at the same time holding both arms with the side bars.

The Couple

Picture taken from the inside, luckily we have a zoom lens.


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