Mt. Talinis, Dumaguete City

This was our latest trip with Odessa and a group of friends from our office and also ex office mates. We went to Mt. Talinis last June 2 -3, 2012 in Negros, Dumaguete City. This was one hell of an experience walking that far to reach the peak, but it was worth it. Who would thought a lake would be seen on the top of the mountain so this is very amazing for first timers like us. The weather that day did not go well with our plans, as we remember there was a storm somewhere in Luzon but luckily it did not land fall, but still we experience heavy rain and storm like wind.

How to get there:

Since we are from Cebu City, we went to South Bus Terminal to take a ride to Santander Port this was a 3 hour ride from the city. We meet up with our friends around 3:00 a.m. in South Bus Terminal and traveled after everyone had arrived.

After we arrived at Santander Port, we took a short ride with a fast craft to Negros. It only took us 15-20 minutes to reach the port.

Here are some photos during the trip:

And we meet up with this guy, the tour guide “Adrian”.

From the left: Rainveill, Odessa, Mai-mai, Gege, Yongbo and Ampao at the back. This was taken on a market somewhere in Santander.

Sorry for the blurry picture, because its to bumpy to have clear shots. We were on our way to the drop point.

And we started walking…

This was our first stop to rest.

Another rest…

This is Yongbo’s fake candid shot. Taking water from a small sprout of spring.

Another rest and this time we experienced a little rain.

This was another rest and taken beside the first lake “Yagumyum ” very cold and windy.

We were not able to take some pictures during the night because of the cold and bad weather we encountered, after we ate dinner we were not able to do socials because most of us where tired and 2 of our friends got sick and had fever. Only Jun and Andrian did the social. lol

This was taken early morning.

This was taken on the 2nd lake “Nailig”, from the left: Jun, Gege, Odessa, Yongbo, Rainveill, Mai-mai and Ampao.

After we took some pictures we have taken our breakfast and camped out. We did not went to the peak because of the bad weather again, it started to fog and cant see anything on the mountain top.

This was one of the coolest part of the mountain, this specific part of the forest died because of a sulfuric air and water that is over flowing in the area. Rainveill heart stop for a second after inhaling the sulfuric smell coming out from the spring as what he describe. hehe..

Continuation of the long walk…

We passed by a river and stayed for a few minutes to wash our shoes and rest, Yongbo even took a bath. 🙂

After a few more hours, we manage to reach our end point, most of us a very tired, 2 of us got hurt in the knees and 1 on the ankle, most of us have body pains. No more pictures taken along the way because of the strong rain we encountered during the trek.

luckily everyone was safe…

This was already in the Dumaguete City, we had a short socials while waiting for our Boat at 12:00 a.m. departure.

After 6 hours of travel, hello home!

Photo credits to: Renerio “Jun” Dedios


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