Palawan Escapade

…And so we traveled to Palawan, we were able to book again a flight by Cebu Pacific. We started out early to catch our flight at 12:00 nn, we arrived at Palawan around 2:00pm. After we landed were immediately fetch by our ride, courtesy of the hotel that we have checked in to.

This picture was taken in front of this small hotel, or basically it is called Ysabelle Mansion . This is where we have stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. The accommodation was nice, friendly customer service and clean surroundings.

For our first day, we went to have a city tour. We started about 3:00PM and ended around 5:00, we did visit some land marks there and some famous places in palawan. Here are some pictures along the trip.

We went to the Crocodile Farm, and also it is like a nature park where you can see different kinds of animals aside from those huge crocs that are lying inside their cages.


This is just of those huge crocs lying inside their cages, you can also see a 17feet croc lying since he already has arthritis, as what the tour guide mentioned.

This was taken on the nature park, we where strolling a long trail to see those different kinds of animals inside. Animals compose of different birds, bear cats and etc…

Another picture taken on the trail…

After the Crocodile farm we went out and guess what? We were able to carry those small crocodiles in our shoulders for 50php. Here are the photos of us carrying the crocs.

Ampao carrying the baby croc.

Oding carrying the baby croc also.

We believe that the organizers had already washed these crocs already for the picture taking. hehe! There were no bad odor of it and seems fresh. The crocs mouth had been taped. After the Farm, we traveled again and went to another farm. Here are some pictures.

We were not able to bring our tripod, so just place the camera on the ground and set the timer and pose. hehe!

After we strolled around the farm, we decided to go to the next destination. This time we went to Bakers Hill.

Ampao with Baker Hills statue.

This time its oding.

Ampao goofing around with Marilyn Monroe’s statue.

Oding with her co-cartoon characters, the Looney Toons!

After we roamed around Bakers Hill, we went to last place on our city tour, the Bay Walk. We just took some pictures and immediately went home, there was nothing special about the place.

1st day have ended, during the night we had our dinner.

Actually this was dinner, but we where not able to take some pictures of the food since we are too hungry and exhausted to take some photos, we just immediately eat after the food was served and went home.



This was day 2, early morning around 6:00 a.m. someone knocked on the door. Upon opening it, a lady with a back pack told me that the ride for the trip is already in the hotel. We rushed to the bathroom, turned on the shower and it was very cold, but we did not mind because we are in a hurry. The trip is for the Under water River.

We took a 2 hour drive from the City to Sabang on where we took a boat to the entrance of the under ground river. Here are some photos.

This was taken at the port. The mountain that you can see on the back ground, behind it is the entrance or drop point for the Under Ground River. We took about 15 – 20 mins ride.

This the entrance for the Under Ground River, but before that you need to have a short trek called the Monkeys Trail.

No monkeys found along the trail, only this 2 love monkey’s found on the area. hehe! Basically we are expecting that we can see lots of monkeys during the trek. That is why we were able to take pictures freely (monkey’s might steal our belongings).

We just used our phones inside the Cave, did not actually bring the camera inside, afraid of it might get wet. hehe!

More pictures…

After a  few minutes, we experienced what does it feel inside the Under Ground River. The trip went out well, got wet a little bit due to the droppings inside the cave, a little bit smelly because of the bats. We saw the highlight of the trip, the Cathedral. Its is a little bit scary inside since it is dark, specially the water. It is deep, and the color is dark black.

This was what we came for, to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world.

After the Under Ground river we head for lunch. Still no pictures taken because we are busy eating. hehe!

After lunch we had a short side trip at Ugong Adventure Park. You can experience a caving adventure and as told, the fastest zip line in the Philippines. We really did not try because we got a little bit short on the budget, we were not able to bring our money because of the rush earlier that morning.

After we got home, we rested and decided to get lost in Palawan. We had our own tour lead by ampao.

here are some photos:

This was outside City Hall.

Checking out the food!

Coke time!

Just remember why the camera wont turn on..forget to bring the battery. haha!

After strolling.. we head home…tired. But after going inside the hotel, we did took some pictures for remembrance.

The 2 pictures where taken inside the hotel, there is a small garden at the center of it.

After..we head to sleep.



Start of Day 3

Woke up, pack, took a bath and head back to Cebu City.

Hello Cebu City

Photo Credits: Ampao and Oding

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