Manila Escapade

We went to manila last February 4-5, 2012 as we were able to get a promo ticket from Cebu Pacific. So, we started our day early around 3:30 a.m. meeting up with our friends somewhere in Mabolo, Cebu City. After meeting up, we immediately went to Mactan airport since our flight bound for Manila is 5:30 a.m. It’s kind of funny riding a plane for the first time, actually we are proud to admit that. 🙂 We are a group of 5, all first timers. I just can’t forget the faces inside the plane, most of us are scared and nervous. So…the trip was unforgettable and a really great experience.

The moment we arrived at NAIA, we went out and was stunned on the place. The first question that came out from our mouth is “where are we heading?”. Basically, it was funny because we already got lost in no time as we strolled around. What we did first is looking for a place to eat and hoping we could catch a WIFI connection. Mcdonalds saved us but sadly, they don’t have WIFI. After eating, we tried to look for someone who could give us some directions and luckily, there were good Samaritans giving and pointing us in a clear direction. We took a cab and went to Mall of Asia just to look for WIFI so we could search for a place to stay. Our friend from Cebu recommended us a place and we managed to call the hotel. So, we went there to check-in. It is called Golden City Hotel near Sta. Cruz church and china town in Binondo.

These are the pictures that we took during the trip:

First on our list: Star City on our first day.

We also watched the Sea Lions perform at Manila Ocean Park.

We also went to the Dancing Jelly fish.

This is in front of Banko Central ng Pilipinas.


More pictures during the trip.


  1. hi ampao and oding!.yey! updated npd oh! ka.lingaw pd ninyo wui!..knsa man inyo kuyog ani wui?..nicee!!boracay ta puhon..hehehehe nalingaw ko ani ai ” I just can’t forget the faces inside the plane, most of us are scared and nervous.” can relate much!..heheheheh keep it up oding and ampao!!!!…

    1. hahaha mao jud kulit, mura mi amaw nanakay ug plane for the first time. kuyog mi sa among office mates pud. mag uyab sad.

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