Mt. Canlaon Escapade

We had been traveling with our group the Malakat Outdoors, it’s a small group from our company, a small community compose of different personalities and different perspective in life, but we have one thing in common, we love the outdoors.

Here are some photos:

This is the Group

Picture shows Oding at the volcanoes crater.

And also Ampao…

Oding and Ampao playing with the sunrise.

Here are photos with the Malakaters.

Fun Fun Fun Fun…


Photo credits to Oding and Malakat Outdoors


  1. galing nang blog mo sir! just wanna ask if saan ba base yung malakat Outdoors? are you guys here in Visayas? been looking for great nature trip here in this area dahil dito ako base ngayon! hit me up through mail if dtio kayo Visayas baka pwede ako maka hitch in! keep up! -John

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